Why God's Eternal Wrath?

Members of a drug cartel that are involved in brutal crime have no concern of their crimes as long as the police and the judges are corrupt. If they are brought before a corrupt judge they have no concern of the consequences of their crimes, because the corrupt judge won't hold them accountable.
On the other hand, let's say those same criminals walk in to the courtroom expecting to see the same corrupt judge, but instead are facing a new, law abiding judge. Up to that point their crimes were not a problem for them; but now their crimes will result in punishment to full extent of the law.
In the same way, sin is not a problem until we face God on Judgment Day. God is perfect and Holy, He cannot let sin (Law breaking or Law breakers) go unpunished. It is not that we have told a little white lie, it is that we have done nothing but sin against an Eternal Holy Creator our entire life. God has made it clear that the consequences of our sin is eternal condemnation.
If that concerns you, it is likely that God is calling you - but what does that mean?