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What do you believe?

Do you speed when you drive?

If so, how much over the speed limit do you drive? Do you live by the, “Eight you skate, nine your mine”, policy?

Or do you stay around 3-5 miles over?

Do you immediately look down at your speedometer when you see a cop?

If you passed a cop going 52 in a 50, would you panic?

You probably wouldn’t panic because you don’t believe a cop would do a power U-turn and race down the road to catch a guy going 52 in a 50.

What if it was a road with a school, and the lights on the sign are flashing, and the sign reads “35 mile per hour speed limit when lights are flashing” – would you panic a little bit if a cop passed you then?

What if the lights on the sign were flashing, there were kids waiting at the cross walk, and you zoomed through the “school zone” at 80 and a cop was sitting at his speed trap site?

You can see with this progression your panic increases, why?

Because you believe the law. You don’t necessarily believe “in” the law; as much as you believe the law when it says, “if you do this you will get a heavy fine and maybe even lose your license.”

Our culture has watered down the term “believe in” when it comes to God. It seems that a better way to communicate this to a culture that is flippant about “believing in” God would be to use the term, “do you believe God?”

For example, some players have had coaches who have had a dramatic impact on them, and they may have made statements throughout the season in referring to the coach, “I believe in him”, implying that they believe the coach can get the team to their goal. But if the same player was asked, “do you believe the coach?” For the player to answer he would want to know the subject he’s being asked about. After all, a player may “believe in a coach”, but not believe what he says about the importance of bunting.

That raises the “believe” question to a much more involved thought process, and since we are called to “re-think” what we think we know about God, this is crucial.

Re-think what? What Jesus said!

Believe what? What Jesus said!


The Gospel message is about man’s sin and God’s Righteousness. Do you believe your sin is enough to separate you from God forever in the eternal punishment of hell?

No? Then you don’t believe Jesus.

Do you believe God’s standard to enter Heaven is perfection, perfect righteousness – it’s a “pass/fail”, “not a “curve”?

No? Then you don’t believe Jesus.

If you answered “yes” to these questions – and you believe Jesus – you believe hell would be right for you; that shows humility. To humble yourself before God and honestly say, “Lord, I believe You, I believe hell is right for me, You would be Just in sending me there to suffer under Your Wrath forever” shows brokenness. That indicates a removal of self-righteousness and irreverence for God.

That isn’t the whole story though – that isn’t all you need to believe Jesus about.

Jesus was sinless, yet He became sin and suffered under God’s Wrath on the Cross – an “Innocent” suffering and dying in the place of the guilty. One final sacrifice to redeem His creation. He rose on the third day, defeating sin and death, crushing Satan’s head, to take back all that was lost through Satan’s lies and deceit. For all who will trust in Jesus alone to cleanse them of sin and save them from the Wrath to come, He will give eternal life.

Do you believe Jesus?

Jesus said He is the only Way to Heaven. All the religion in the world will not help. All the sincerity of the most compassionate person in the world does not matter. All the religions and philosophies in the world that are not solely dependent on the Blood of Christ to save them are a lie. All the religions of the world that add to the work of the Cross to be saved are lies.

Do you believe Jesus?

God said, he who is in Christ is a new creation. He gives you a new heart, with new desires – a desire to quit sinning and live for Him. If a person has not been changed in this way, if they are not regenerated, converted from who they were to a new creation, it is an indicator that they aren’t in Christ. Not sinless perfection, but growing and being transformed in to the likeness of Christ.

Do you believe Him?

This puts the term “believer” in a more intense light!

Are you a believer?

I believe Him!

I believe in Him!

I believe!

Now tell the world what, whom, and in whom you believe!

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