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What do you wear?

It is interesting to consider how our culture, even the world thinks of clothes; and some of the funny things said about clothes.

You husbands, how many times have you heard your wife say, “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!”, as she strolls through a walk-in closet full of clothes?

Or how many of you husbands have had your wife buy you a shirt, you hold it up, looking at it in disbelief and say, “I’m not ever going to wear this”?

You wives and girlfriends, how many of you have had dinner plans with your man, he appears in the bathroom door patiently waiting for you to put on the finishing touches of your make up, you look over at him with annoyance and say, “you’re not wearing that!”

Or ladies, how about when you are out with friends, a woman walks by, and you turn to the group and say, “she should not be wearing that”.


“That’s not a good color on you.”

“I love when you wear that!”

“I hate when you wear that!”

“Don’t ever wear that again!”

“What do you think I should wear?”

We also have clothes that we count on to protect us - like space suits, bullet proof vests, leather chaps, and life jackets.

We have clothes that symbolize something, like a pharmacist in a lab coat, a lawyer in a $3000 suit, and a limo driver in a tuxedo.

We also expect people to have certain clothes on; we would not want our brain surgeon to walk in to the prep-room wearing a dirty mechanics shirt - and we wouldn’t want the chef at our favorite restaurant wearing a speedo in the kitchen.

Some people wear a certain garment to make a statement; “this is my favorite team!”, and, “I believe in this cause”.

Some people layer their garments, old men with under shirts - others as a fashion style. Whether it is an under shirt or a fashion style, the outer garment gets all the focus, the under garment always gets second billing.

We think about garments a lot!

We expect people to wear certain things to a wedding – to show up to a fancy wedding in an old stained T-Shirt and dirty jeans would be inappropriate.

Jesus told a parable about a wedding feast that has several points we must take away – not the least of which is about the “wedding garment”. In this parable, Jesus is making the point that to go to and to stay in Heaven (the wedding feast) there is a certain garment that must be worn.

Before we look at the “wedding garment” – let’s look at some of the figurative garments we “wear”, the outer garments – the things that we focus on, the things we think about most:

  • Your children

  • Your spouse

  • Your family

  • Your job

  • Your religion

  • Your car

  • Your hobby

  • Your appearance

  • Your health

  • Your acts of service

  • Your sports

  • Your vacations

  • Your giving

  • Your entertainment

  • Your computer

  • Your phone

  • Your relationships

  • Your vice

  • Your church

  • Your friends

  • Your money

  • Your books

  • Your politics

  • Your motorcycle

  • Your jewelry

  • Your video games

  • Your lawn

  • Your house

  • Your meals

  • Your school

Most of the “garments” on this list are not bad things to wear – after all, nobody in their right mind would say, “I can’t believe you care about your kids so much” OR “why do you have a job, what a waste of time”.

But there are “garments” on this list that must be thrown out. I know there are times my wife and I will go through the closet to determine what we are going to get rid of. Because I print T-Shirts for a living, I accumulate quite a few over a short time. As we go through the closet, she’ll hold up a T-shirt for me to say “yes” or “no”. Every once in a while, I’d say, “are you crazy?!! I am not getting rid of that!!” with disgust on my face because she should know I would never get rid of that shirt, I don’t care how old and how many holes are in it.

We have to go through the “closet” of our life. What needs to be thrown out. The decision is easy, “does keeping this ‘garment’ glorify God”. In some cases, others can wear a garment, but you can not – so throw it out. Like a 2-year-old that wears his daddy’s hoodie, it is heavy and too long for him – he is tripped up and stumbles wearing that garment – his daddy can wear it without stumbling, but the 2-year-old cannot.

If God pricks our conscience and says, “get rid of it” – we dare not say, “are you crazy?!! I am not getting rid of that!!”

The garments that stay, like, “giving”, “acts of service”, “your job” (if that job does not dishonor God), “your family”, etc. – whatever stays, it only stays as an under garment – They ARE ALL UNDER GARMENTS. The outer garment, the focus of your life must be on Jesus Christ. We must “put on the Lord Jesus Christ”!

Some “wear” Jesus as an under shirt, He’s there but not focused on.

Some “wear” Jesus as a layered fashion shirt, He’s not going to get the focus of the outer garment, but you can see I have “accented” my life with Him a little bit.

Some have “worn” Him for a while and have lost interest, or it is no longer acceptable in their circle to keep putting Him on – so He is thrown out like an old T-shirt.

Some wouldn’t consider putting Him in their dresser, let alone wear Him. In fact, they often mock others who wear that garment.

We need to think about what we wear figuratively as much as what we wear literally. Some have “tried on” Jesus like trying on a shirt at the mall and quickly determined – “Yea, I don’t like the way it fits”.

The reality is, if you were in a plane that was going down and someone handed you a parachute you would not put it one and say, “Yea, I don’t like the way it fits” and take it off and throw it in the corner of the pane. NO! You would put that parachute on whether you think you look good in that color or not. You would put it on and cling to it because it is the only thing that will protect you from the coming crash.

The Wrath of God is coming – we deserve to suffer under the Wrath of God for eternity because we have sinned against God. Re-think what you are wearing. Re-think what you are trusting in to protect you. If you are not clothed in Christ, cleansed in His Blood, trusting in Him alone to save you, wearing Him as the outer garment, the focus, the “weeding garment”, you WILL NOT be saved – He shares His glory with no one and nothing. We must “wear” Him like the priceless garment He is, not like a cheap second-hand suit!

Matthew 22:12 And he said to him, 'Friend, how did you get in here without a wedding garment?' And he was speechless. 13 Then the king said to the attendants, 'Bind him hand and foot and cast him into the outer darkness. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.'

Romans 13:14 But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.

Help us Lord!

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