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Why do I keep sinning?

Once again, I find myself reading and writing a message for myself. Yesterday was a day that, unfortunately, I yielded to temptation. This article is not to discuss the “bowl of soup” I yielded to, it is only to address what Scripture says regarding temptation, sin, and repentance.

It hopefully will help with the question, “Why do I keep sinning?”

God’s Word (in Hebrews) records Esau giving up his birthright for a bowl of soup. This was an actual real-life occurrence; however, it also serves as a lesson for us as believers in Christ. We have a birth right, not a birth right because of our “natural birth” – we have an eternal birth right because of our “new birth” – because we are born again, born of the Spirit.

Sin we yield to is like Esau’s bowl of soup. Each one of us has our own battle with sin, our own various temptations of the flesh – our own “bowl of soup”. When we choose our “bowl of soup” in the face of temptation we are sending God away. We are choosing a “bowl of soup” over the promises of God – we are choosing a “bowl of soup” over our eternal inheritance, over our “re-birth right”. When we choose our “bowl of soup” over obedience to God we are sending Him away, it is not Him leaving – we are saying, “I choose ‘this’ over You.”

Because God is Love, Grace, and Mercy – He has returned to us over and over again. When our shame and sorrow humbly has us pleading for forgiveness at the Throne of Grace, through the Blood of Christ, God forgives. God has allowed us to repent – but a day could come (as with Esau) where an opportunity to repent is no longer given. A day where a heart is hardened – a day where a heart becomes so hard and callous that a person becomes insensitive to sin and any attempt to repent is fake – tears of shame are phony. Be warned, brethren, God is not mocked, He sees through phony tears and fake repentance.

I have experienced victory over sin for an extended season, but that season was brought to an abrupt halt because of pride. I became prideful in the victory – so God humbled me by taking away the victories – at least that is what it seems. Whether it is God’s chastening or my own wicked heart, victories are not what they used to be. We must stay humble and hungry. It is only in humility that we are even allowed to approach God’s throne to receive salvation – and it is only by His power we have victory over sin – so stay humble, you have nothing to do with salvation or victory, there is nothing to be prideful about – glory belongs to Christ. Stay hungry – hungry for righteousness – after all – the alternative, wickedness, is just a bowl of soup.

The flesh can be defined by “your nature that wants to do your own will, contrary to God’s will.” To follow the flesh, to lust after the desires of the flesh, is sin. To think on the desires of the flesh will ultimately wear you down. Entertaining thoughts of the flesh will eventually lead to yielding to the flesh. Most sin is not compulsive – it has been playing in the mind – there in lies the problem. Rather than immediately recognizing the thought as a dangerous animal that needs to be killed, we handle it as a playful kitten. We play with the “kitten” for a few seconds, the next time maybe a minute, but eventually this “playful kitten” shows itself to be the dangerous animal it always was. It wasn’t a “playful kitten” that became a dangerous animal, it always was a dangerous animal, and we let it grow until the claws are dug in and the flesh is satisfied.

We dare not play the victim card - “I am powerless to the temptation!” For us to play the victim card is to make God a liar. The way of escape has been provided. In addition to having the way of escape provided, God has also given us all things that pertain to life and godliness. If we choose the “bowl of soup” it is because we prefer ‘the soup” in that moment. The scary thought is, we never know if the time will come where repentance is no longer granted. If that time ever came – we would have sacrificed what we want most, for what we want at the moment. We would have sacrificed eternal life, for a “bowl of soup”. To say you can continue to play the sin-sorry-sin-sorry game and still have eternal life is not being faithful to God’s Word. I understand that we will not be sinless this side of gory; but we must examine ourselves – we must take a hard and honest look at ourselves – are we practicing sin, or are we stumbling.

Our flesh is waging war against our soul. If we are going to win the war, there is one thing we must do – focus on Christ and who we are in Christ. We must protect our mind. We must stop the “playful kitten” at the gate and say, “NO! You are just a ‘bowl of soup’ and this mind is focused on honoring and serving my King – King Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of my faith. I have been cleansed in the Blood of the Lamb and I am no longer a slave to sin – be gone – in the Name of Jesus – BE GONE!”

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