Domain of Darkness
Domain of Darkness (satire)

The intent of the following is to illustrate a point using satire. Clarification of this “point” is at the end.


Introducing the ULTIMATE SUPER STORE! Costco, Best Buy, and not even Amazon can compete with this SUPER STORE!! It’s been around for a LONG, LONG time, but you may not know its name…




The Domain of Darkness has EVRYTHING the world wants to suppress the Truth in unrighteousness and remain on the broad road to destruction. As you enter through the main entrance you are overwhelmed with how appetizing everything looks.


One of the first things you’ll notice is the Entertainment Department. Here’s where you will find the Sports Bar that has every game being played on the massive big screen TV’s; and if you’d like to gamble on the games, there is a sports book conveniently located right in the bar.


The Entertainment Department also has several TV rooms where you can select from all your favorite sitcoms, reality shows, movies, and TV series.


If you’d prefer to immerse yourself in the political scene there is a room that has all the political channels playing at one time – don’t worry, they are sectioned off by each shows political slant with half walls so you can easily look at those on the other side with disdain.


No Entertainment Department would be complete without a casino, and just beyond the Sports Book is a full casino with every game ever played in Las Vegas. Don’t worry – the drinks are free like Vegas and the waitresses also wear skimpy outfits for your enjoyment.


Speaking of your enjoyment – The Domain of Darkness has a massive SEX DEPARTMENT. Here’s where you will find everything conveniently sectioned off and the lights dimmed so others cannot see your “preferences”. There are strip clubs of every “kind” – there are movies, magazines, romantic novels, and computers to cater to whatever your pornographic need may be. The second floor is equipped with brothels and hotel rooms for your fornication and adultery enjoyment.


The third floor is where you will find restaurants and coffee shops. The most popular section of the third floor is the GOSSIP SHOP. The Gossip Shop is conveniently designed with small tables surrounded by chairs to make gathering to slander and gossip about others without being heard easy. They have any size and kind of Latte you want – the house specials are always Jealousy, Envy, and Bitterness.


One of the other coffee shops on this floor is equipped with the fastest internet connection available. It also has outlets and plug-ins for every kind of device. This is the Social Media Café! When your life evolves around social media this is the place to be. There are plenty of back-drops for selfies, so you can pretend you are having more fun than all your friends. Remember, illusion is a staple here at the Domain of Darkness.


For those that wish to fuel their anger, rage, and malice there is the WRATH DEPARTMENT. Being as violent and hostile as you prefer, coupled with the illusion that you are justified in your actions, is the tone that we work hard to preserve in this department – compassion and kindness will not be tolerated in this department.


The 4th floor continues to grow exponentially. The entire floor is devoted to those that want the false sense of joy and euphoria that can only come from a narcotic. This is the DRUG DEPARTMENT where you will find drugs of any kind. Yes, the drugs cost money; however, like every other department of the store, lying and stealing to get what you need is perfectly acceptable.


Speaking of intoxication, don’t worry, you cannot go from one department to another without passing a LIQUOR DEPARTMENT.  Go ahead, grab your favorite beverage as you shop. Drunkenness makes everything more fun and won’t affect you or anyone you love – so go ahead, indulge.


For those that get all of their self-worth and joy from how they look, the 5th Floor is where you will find a state of the art “HEALTH” Club. The “Health” Club has every possible piece of equipment needed for your favorite exercise or sport. The floor above the “Health” Club is where you will find the cosmetics and tanning booths. True beauty is all about the “outside”!


As you browse through and partake of all the amenities at The Domain of Darkness don’t feel like you need to be concerned about your language – you will not be judged for crude joking and profanity – in fact, using God’s Name as a curse word, or in any other irreverent manner, is encouraged.


Lastly, if you have a strong desire to “off-set” some of your bad behavior – or you would like to “pretend” your good, the top floor has several “causes”, philosophies, fine sounding arguments, and religions for you to choose from. The only religion that is not available is Christianity. Since we have made a very concerted effort to paint Christianity as “fairy tales” and “self-righteous bigotry” we want to make sure it is nowhere near the Domain of Darkness. In addition, our ultimate goal is to destroy your soul – since Jesus is the only Way for you to be saved from the eternal destruction we provide, He is not welcome here. As we do everything possible to keep you from the Truth, enjoy your stay here at the Domain of Darkness.


The “point” of this satire is point to the power of the domain of darkness. I am not judging anyone, in fact, I am ashamed to say, I have “shopped” at many of the “departments” in the DOMAIN OF DARKNESS. Even after being delivered from the DOMAIN OF DARKNESS I am ashamed to say I have stumbled back in to gratify my flesh. There are somethings listed in this satire piece that are not bad in and of themselves, like exercise for example, but when we make it our life’s focus it becomes our god, and that is not good – God will not allow any other gods before Him. The consequences of a life, a day, a minute spent in the DOMAIN OF DARKNESS is eternal hell because you’ve sinned against God and God demands justice. Justice for sinning against an eternal God is eternal punishment. This satire piece is intended to point you to the only One that can deliver you from the DOMAIN OF DARKNESS – Jesus Christ, the Righteous One – Repent and Trust in Him alone for deliverance. The glory is, it is not only deliverance, it is transference – those that trust in Him are transferred from the DOMAIN OF DARKNESS to HIS ETERNAL KINGDOM.


Colossians 1:13-14 He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son,14 in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.