About Warriors for Christ

What is Warriors for Christ?

Warriors for Christ, in a nut shell, is a "Cyber Church". It is not our intent to replace the local church; but, whether you darken the door of a church or not, the most important thing as that you know the Gospel. With everything that demands our attention in our culture, it is getting more and more difficult to "go to church" - so we've put together a "Cyber Church" where you can grow in the knowledge of God right where you spend much of your time - in front of a screen. 

You will also be able to (and are encouraged) to "join the conversation" for all messages posted via the site Forum (Warrior Wall). Messages will be posted on "Warrior Wall" frequently, so whatever time of the day or week you can set aside to read and study the message, you are able to join in by reading the thread and posting your own questions or comments.

The "second leg" of WfC is events and outreaches. WfC will plan various events and outreaches that everyone is invited to get involved with at whatever level they feel comfortable. For example, we may plan an outreach in a dangerous neighborhood - some may feel called to go, some may be called to donate care-packages, some may not get involved at all; whatever level of involvement you have for any given event or outreach is fine - our hope is that with several outreach and event opportunities available each person is able to serve; using their time, talent, and/or treasure wherever they are called.

What are some event and outreaches that may be planned?

Events - Events are primarily intended to be a time of fellowship and opportunity to invite others that are not yet involved in the church

  • Bible Study

  • Prayer Meetings

  • Coffee Shop Worship Nights

  • Golf Tournaments

  • 5K and other Walk/Runs

  • Motorcycle Rallies

  • Bible Studies

  • Prayer Meetings

  • Youth Athletic Tournaments

  • Picnics

  • Yard Game Tournaments

  • Camping

  • Hunting

  • Hiking

  • Potlucks

  • Bowling

Outreaches - Although some outreaches might be filling a community need, the primary intention of most outreaches is to share the Gospel

  • Street Evangelism

  • Homeless Shelter Evangelism and Care Package 

  • Sporting Event Evangelism (i.e. football game tailgating)

  • Yard work for eldererly

  • Mobilizing for catastrophic events

  • Handing out tracts on college campuses or other high traffic places

  • Prison and jail ministry